2016 Atomic Pro Skintec No Wax Ski Package
Add the Fast Wax Slick Pro No-Iron Wax Kit: $44.95Upgrade to the Salomon Escape 7 or Siam 7 boot: $30

37% OFF 2016 Atomic Pro Skintec No Wax Ski Package

$548.99 $344.18

Atomic has basically created a new category of classic skiing with their revolutionary Skintec technology, which features a no-wax base made of Teflon-infused synthetic mohair, giving you the grip AND glide of a waxable ski, especially in icy conditions. The Skintec Pro’s offer great glide, ample traction, and stable construction for avid recreational and fitness skiers. Match it with the ultra comfortable Salomon Escape 5 /Siam 5 boots with the SNS Universal bindings for easy in and out, and you’ll be cruising.

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  • Upgrade to the Salomon Escape 7 or Siam 7 boot for a warmer, more comfortable boot with better ankle and arch support, and conveniently located side zipper for the lace cover: $30
  • Add this No-Iron Ski Wax Kit. It is an easy, effective solution for skiers who want the benefits of hot wax, but without using an iron. Fast Wax's SlickPro 20 is a versatile and sophisticated fluorinated paste wax, which is applied to ski bases and rubbed in with a heat-generating felt pad (included). Wait 5 minutes, brush the bases with a horsehair brush (included), and your skis are fast and ready to fly! (This wax kit is recommended but not required for these skis.) $44.95

Product Description

37% OFF 2016 Atomic Pro Skintec No Wax Ski Package: $344.18

2016 Atomic Pro Skintec. Side Cut 45-45-45 mm. Sizes: 181cm (skier weight 121-143 lbs) SOLD OUT, 188cm (121-154 lbs), 195cm (132-165lbs), 202cm (154-209 lbs) , and 209cm (165-220+ lbs). Atomic’s Skintec technology has proven itself so well at the elite level that it’s being integrated into the sport and recreation level as well. The Skintec Pro is a fast and sporty, mostly in-track classic ski for people who like a lot of glide, reliable grip, and the ease of a no-wax ski. The no-wax grip zone on these skis is made of synthetic, Teflon-infused Mohair, which is glued into the base and provides great kick in a variety of conditions, especially icy snow, without ice build-up. Plus, there’s no “zipping” noise like you get with the traditional fish scale style grip pattern. The Skintec Pro’s come with the great gliding BL 4000 base, and Ultra High Densolite core, which is light, stable, durable and dynamic. This is a great value for avid recreational and/or fitness skiers who ski mostly in machine groomed tracks, and who want a fast, fun classic ski without the hassle of waxing. On-off trail 95 -05. XCHQ Demo Rating ****1/2 List price: $299

2016 Salomon Escape 5 TR (sizes 6 to 14.5 men) boot or Salomon Siam 5 TR (sizes 5 to 10 women). Use on and off trail 60/40. This warm boot has the Salomon Touring fit, a lace cover with central zip, profil grip mono-material outsole, over the ankle upper and internal heel reinforcement. The Women’s Siam 5 adds women’s fit and fleece lining. Our top selling classic boot. XCHQ demo rating ****1/2 List: $115

2016 Salomon SNS Universal binding, a durable, reliable, manual binding which doesn’t ice up or get stuck. This binding is compatible with the SNS Profil and Pilot soles, making it not only a great performer but very versatile. The classic flexor gives just the right balance of control and flexibility. Use on and off trail (50-50). Demo Rating: ****1/2. List price: $60

2016 Salomon Escape or Siam pole. This lightweight composite pole has a comfy foam grip and wide, padded, adjustable strap. Add a tapered shaft and versatile touring basket and you’ve got a great performer for the price. List price: $50

A sporty, great performing, Skintec ski package at an unbeatable value: $344.18

List: $548.99. Includes: skis ($299.00), boots ($115.00), bindings ($60.00), poles ($50.00), installation & base prep ($20) and Ski Bones ($4.99).

The package price includes binding installation, base prep, and complimentary ski bones to protect bases and hold skis together!

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