Custom Cross Country Ski Packages

10-11 Atomic Vasa Race Skate (Red Cheetah) Hard 190cm
10-11 Atomic Vasa Race Skate (Red Cheetah) Hard 190cm
2010-11 Atomic Vasa Race Skate (Red Cheetah) Hard 190cm - Weight range 180 to 220 lbs. This is a very high performance ski from Atomic. The Mexcell core makes it just a few grams heavier than Atomic's top of the line Worldcup Skate, and both models share the same base. List: $389 CLOSEOUT PRICE: $233.40
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Recommended bindings: 2011 Atomic Race Pilot Skate or 2011 Fischer NNN NIS Xcelerator Skate

Other options:
2011 Salomon Sport Skate Pilot
2011 Salomon Equipe Skate Pilot
2011 Atomic Sport Skate Pilot
2011 Rottefella NNN NIS Exercise Skate
2011 Rottefella NNN R3 Skate
2011 Rottefella NNN R4 NIS Skate
2011 Salomon SNS Wedge
2011 Salomon Interface Adaptor
2011 Salomon Interface Adaptor II
2011 Salomon Auto Profil

We'll install your bindings for FREE, and we'll also wax the bases and throw in a complimentary pair of Ski Bones. Shipping guaranteed within 48 hours. Call 800-832-2663 to order bindings with these skis.

Price: $233.40