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32% OFF Atomic Team Classic Posigrip No-Wax Ski Package
32% OFF Atomic Team Classic Posigrip No-Wax Ski Package
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–2013 Atomic Team Classic PosiGrip 3D Ski; weight = 1160 grams for size 191cm. Side cut = (44.5-42-44)mm. Sizes 191cm = (weight range of 110-154 lbs), 196cm = (132-165 lbs), 201cm = (143-198 lbs) & 206cm = (154-209 lbs). This carry over from last season was such a great performer we loaded up on them and bought all of Atomic’s remaining inventory. Atomic has put a positive base on a lightweight, very high performance, in-track ski, AND BY DOING SO, HIT A HOME RUN! Made for machined groomed tracks, this speedster will not disappoint. The greatest attribute is that you will not have to pound them to get grip. Use on and off trail 90 – 10. Demo rating ****3/4 List: $269.95

– For men, match with the 2014 Salomon Escape 7 Pilot CF boot, Sizes 8 to 15 men. For women, match the 2014 Siam 7 Pilot CF boot, Sizes 5 to 10 women. The Pilot Classic sole attaches the boot to 2 places on the binding for enhanced control! These boots are a great blend of comfort and performance, with Thinsulate insulation, exterior ergonomic flexible cuff (for great ankle support), a zippered lace cover, gaiter hook, and SNS Pilot Active outsole. External and internal heel reinforcement provides for efficient energy transfer to skis. The Siam 7 Pilot is a women’s specific design that includes the above plus Salomon Women’s fit, Autofit insole and Fleece lining. Use on and off trail (50-50). XCHQ Demo Rating ****1/2 List: $159.95

– Add the 2014 Salomon/Atomic Pilot Sport Classic Men’s OR Women’s binding: 2 times the control = 2 times the fun. With 2 axes, a rigid steel link with classic amplitude and bumperless freedom, the Pilot classic technology is ideal for maximum control and power transmission, with easy step-in and user-friendly “push pull” step out. XCHQ Demo Rating: ****1/2. Use: Mostly classic in-track. List price: $84.99

– Complete the package with the Salomon 2014 Escape or Siam (women’s) pole. This pole features an easy adjustment wider strap and tapered composite shaft. XCHQ Demo Rating ****. Use on and off trail (80-20) List price: $39.95

This is one of the best values out there for an easy to use, high performance, no-wax ski package. We bought all the remaining Team Classic PosiGrip’s that Atomic had! Everything for only $379

List: $579.80 Includes: skis ($269.95), boots ($159.95), bindings ($84.95), poles ($39.95), binding installation & prep ($20), and Ski Bones ($5).
Cross Country Ski Headquarters has a X-C Ski Area with a vast rental and demo fleet onsite. We really do ski on what we sell! Our demo ratings reflect only our customers and our own feedback.

The price includes binding installation, base prep, and complimentary ski bones!
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Price: $379.00