Cross Country Ski Report – Friday, November 1st

We received 4 to 5 inches of snow last night during a real Halloween blizzard!! As to be expected, the bottom layer is a bit wet, but the snow on top is very skiable. The trails prior to the snowfall had been meticulously mowed, cleared and graded over the past weeks, so we are confident that some really good early season conditions exist out there. The ground is not frozen yet, and there is no base, so there will be no grooming this morning and snow coverage will not be perfect on all the trails. However, these early snows are SO exciting, and there is a TON of fun to be had skiing out there, especially in the morning when temps are coolest!

Trail Cam XC Ski HQ

View from the trail cam this morning!

*Rock Skis are recommended – we will loan you some if you need, just come inside and ask!
*Please stick to the Rolling Hills, Tall Pines, Mackinaw Cut, Trappers Cabin and Manitou trails today. Wild Turkey is closed.
*Temps will get into the upper 30s today, so come early and get it while it’s good!

When there’s enough snow for a snowman, usually there’s enough snow for skiing!

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PS – if you’re at the Iceman Expo today, be sure to stop by the XC Ski HQ booth to see Erin and Fran and score sweet deals!

All the best,
Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Missy, Gill, Krista and the crew