Manitou Trail XC SKi HQ

Cross Country Ski Report – Friday, November 8th, 2019

We received another 2-3 inches of snow throughout the day yesterday and through last night, on top of the 3 inches from Wednesday. Conditions yesterday were even better than expected for early season skiing – after the trails were rolled yesterday morning, the fresh snow that fell on top throughout the day added more coverage and made for a great gliding surface. The additional snow from last night will improve conditions even more. There are a couple damp spots on the Trappers Cabin and Manitou trails, which are quite sticky – make sure to apply some liquid or paste wax before heading out, and you may want to bring some with you. Overall, it feels wonderful to get out there and ski, and for November 8th it’s pretty darn great! Big thanks to the many hours of mowing, grading and leveling done by our trail crew this fall.

Manitou Trail XC SKi HQ

Yesterday on the Manitou Trail – if you need rock skis to borrow, just ask!

Ginzu Dana will roll the trails again this morning to continue to compact the snow and build the base. Trails are open for skiing, and rock skis are still recommended, just to be safe.

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It is snowy and beautiful here in Higgins Lake – grab your skis and come see us!

All the best,

-Mariah, Stu, Lynne, Bob, Erin Missy Gill, Ethan, Krista and the crew