Best March 31st conditions in recent memory!

Cross Country Ski Report – Monday, April 1st

We received over 3 feet of snow last night, and have been grooming all night to pack it down!

…April Fools! But really, the snow we got Friday is still covering the trails beautifully, and provided some excellent skiing this past weekend. It never got above freezing yesterday or last night, so Stu will snow comb the Mackinaw Cut, Wild Turkey, Trapper’s Cabin, and Rolling Hills trails this morning. Based on the weather forecast, today will be the last day of grooming for the foreseeable future, and thus, today will be the last ski report unless we get significant snowfall in the future. The trails will still be open for skiing as long as there is some snow to ski on, but will not be groomed past today.

Best March 31st conditions in recent memory!
Yesterday brought the best March 31st conditions in recent memory!

The shop will be open at least until Wednesday of this week; however, as we are now officially into April, past Wednesday we will not be keeping regular store hours. While we are often there anyway throughout the spring and summer, it is best to call 800-832-2663 if you plan on stopping by, so that we can make sure to be there. Of course, stop in whenever you see the Open flag out.

Thanks to all of you for a tremendous ski season. We are already preparing for next winter, but in the meantime, have a fabulous off-season! Once the snow melts, feel free to hike, bike, and take your dog out on the ski trails anytime. And remember, if we get another April blizzard, we will be skiing!!

Be well, keep in touch, and may you enjoy many outdoor adventures until we meet again!

-Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Matt, Missy, Gillian, Molly, Annie H., Katrina, Annie B., Grant, Josh, Michelle, Krista, Crystal, Mike, Butch, Tony and the crew