Early Season Snow XC Ski HQ

Cross Country Ski Report – Saturday, Nov 9th, 2019

The trails, which have now been rolled twice since the beginning of this past week’s snowfall, remain in skiable condition today. Several skiers ventured out onto the trails yesterday, one of them skating laps on the Rolling Hills trail for over an hour! Most everyone had an enjoyable time despite a fresh smattering of oak leaves that have fallen onto the snow surface (typical this time of year), and the sticky nature of this early season snow. The best ski recipe we are finding thus far is a no-wax rock ski with a “fish scale” or skin base, with ample liquid or paste wax rubbed into the entire base (kick zone included on fish scale skis). We have some to borrow if needed. It is forecast to get into the mid-30’s today, so the best skiing will be in the morning!

Early Season Snow XC Ski HQ
This is some of the earliest skiable snow we’ve had in years!

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Ski while there’s snow – the earlier today the better!

All the best,

-Mariah, Stu, Lynne, Bob, Erin Missy Gill, Ethan, Krista and the crew