First Free XC Ski Lesson XC Ski HQ

Cross Country Ski Report – Sunday, Nov 17th

Yesterday was a very fun day, with lots of people enjoying the trails, demoing skis, and taking ski lessons! The trails remain mostly snow-covered and very skiable with rock skis. Plenty of oak leaves and some thin spots are to be expected. Rolling Hills is in the best condition, followed by Trappers Cabin, Manitou, and Tall Pines. The practice area has roughly 2 feet of man-made snow, with classic tracks set the rest snowcombed. Perfect for demos, lessons, and hill/agility practice!

The Stone Turtle Cafe will be “softly” open today with a limited menu today of chili, rolls and cookies. The outdoor Ice Dome Igloo is open, too!

The Pre-Season Sale is in full swing, with lots of great deals on XC skis, clothing, wax and more. Our staff of ski and clothing experts are at your service! Not sure which skis to get? Come “try before you buy” at our demo center, where you can test any of our 40+ ski packages for free!

First Free XC Ski Lesson XC Ski HQ
Yesterday marked the earliest date in recent history for the Saturday Free XC Ski Lesson!

Remember to please wear bright colors anytime you are out in the woods this time of year. Come on out and enjoy the snow!

All the best,

Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Missy, Gill, Ethan, Krista, Matt and the crew