Our Ski Trails

Come revel in Pure Michigan’s coolest season on the nationally recognized cross country ski trails of Cross Country Ski Headquarters.

Enjoy over 11 miles (18 km) of trails suitable for all abilities and “Ginzu” groomed every morning with the same groomer used in the Olympics. Glide on freshly set tracks, or skate on freshly packed corduroy lanes. On weekends, visit Trappers Cabin, just one mile from the trailhead, to warm by the fire and enjoy a snack or refreshment.

A Cross Country Ski Headquarters facilities pass is the best deal in Michigan for cross country skiing; just $9 for adults and $5 for kids 16 and under. A season sponsorship is $38 for individuals and $65 for families. Click here to become a Trail Sponsor!

The facilities sponsorship money goes to intensive wintertime trail upkeep, including daily grooming, trail clearing, signage, snow doctoring, and trail insurance, and also off-season maintenance like mowing, clearing, stump grinding, trimming and grading, plus our State Forest lease. It also helps pay for a plowed parking lot, plus access to the Stone Turtle Day Lodge, deluxe bathrooms, shower, wax bench, fireplace and sun deck.