Rossignol Evo XC 60 Tour Cross Country Ski Package | 26% OFF

$470.99 $349.50

Tremendous performance for all around skiing. If there was a ski package to change the mindset of “X-C Skiing is too much work” this is it! Great stability in a groomed track, and wide enough to make your own tracks. The Evo Tour is an easy ski to enjoy, and even a beginner will have little difficulty in getting great performance. Scroll down for more product info.

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26% OFF 2019 Rossignol Evo XC 60 Tour No-Wax Cross Country Ski Package: $470.99 $349.50

2019 Rossignol Evo XC 60 Tour IFP No-Wax Skis

Ski weight 1360 grams for size 176cm. Side cut 60-50-55 mm. Sizes 166cm (skier weight 80 lbs to 125 lbs), 176cm (120 to 155 lbs), 186cm (150 to 186 lbs), and 196cm (180 to 230+ lbs). The Rossignol Evo XC Tour is our best selling cross country ski because it is light, gets great glide, and is incredibly versatile. Soft tips provide almost effortless glide in different snow conditions. Additionally, the time-tested Positrack grip pattern gets great traction. Due to the Active Cap, wood core construction, and mid-length design, the Evo XC 60’s are responsive, stable, and easy to control. The Evo XC 60 Tours are ideal for downhill crossover skiers, or anyone who thinks nordic skiing is too much work! Use on and off trail 50/50. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating ****3/4 List $230

– 2019 Salomon Escape/Siam 5 ProLink Boots

Sizes: 6 to 13.5 in the men’s boot, and 5 to 10 in the women’s boot. This warm, comfortable boot is our best selling boot because of the famously comfortable Salomon Touring fit. They also have a lace cover with central zip, mono-material outsole, over the ankle upper, and internal heel reinforcement. The Women’s Siam 5 adds women’s fit and fleece lining. Use on and off trail 60/40. XC Ski HQ demo rating ****1/2 List: $115

– 2019 Turnamic Control Bindings

These automatic step-in bindings, which slide onto a pre-mounted plate, are intuitive and easy to use. Wide binding plate and secure binding attachment allow for maximum power transfer to the skis. With quick, tool-free adjustment capability, they are easy to adjust forward and back for optimal performance, regardless of snow condition or terrain. No grip? No problem, simply move the binding forward! Not enough glide? Just slide the binding back. This is binding technology at its finest. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: ****1/2. List Price: $70

– 2019 Swix ST102 Trail Poles

Features a universal basket, sturdy aluminum shaft, and adjustable straps. Sizes: 120cm to 160cm.  Use on and off trail 50/50. List price: $30

The Evo XC 60 Tour package has it all: ease of use, excellent performance, and a great value. $349.50

List price: $470.99 (Includes: Skis $230, Boots $115, Bindings $70, Poles $30, binding installation and base prep $20, Ski Bones $5.99).

This package is XC Ski HQ Skier Approved!
Cross Country Ski Headquarters has an X-C Ski Area with a vast rental and demo fleet onsite. We really do ski on what we sell! Our demo ratings reflect only our customers and our own feedback. 
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*Includes binding installation, base prep, and Ski Bones to hold skis together and protect bases. No sales tax if shipped outside Michigan!

No sales tax if shipped outside Michigan!