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  • We use our expertise to pick the appropriate length of poles based on your information above. However, if you have a pole length request, let us know here.
  • These poles are equipped with Triac Connection System (TCS) and do NOT include straps unless selected here.


Swix Triac 3.0 Poles

2018-2019 Swix Quantum One Poles.  Size 135cm – 180cm. Weight for 155cm pole: 136 grams (shaft weight: 56 grams per meter). The new Swix Triac 3.0 is a significant step forward to meet the most demanding requirements in Cross Country.  Swix has worked close with world leading athletes to achieve the state of the art cross country pole.  All details have been thought through and no compromises are done.  Performance and nothing else counts.  The pole is 100% compatible with all Triac components in the Swix collection such as the Swix TBS (Triac Basket System) and TCS: Triac Connection System – Swix’s improved strap connection system for 100% direct response.  The Quantum 1 does not include straps so the entire TCS strap program is available for maximum custom fitting. This pole comes with a PCU handle with cork grip. The Large 97 TBS baskets make them a great performer for universal groomed trail conditions, and are interchangeable with other TBS baskets (not included). Stiffness: 25mm. Strength: >70 kp. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: *****

List price: $630